Thursday, April 20, 2017

Our Valley visit! My visit with Mom!

Life is made of memories...
My Mom's is now with my Dad and brother in heaven looking down smiling.  They are together and I am so grateful for that. She passed away peacefully on February 13th of this year. (2017)

Five years ago today I was visiting her and brought some of her famous kolache.

 She looked wonderful and sure was happy :) to see us..(hubby included).  I brought her some of her favorite little meals and desserts..I was sure to bring her several pieces of kolache since it was her recipe I made for Easter and up until last week I had never been tempted to make it.

I have wanted to bring some of my families recipes to print and by doing a blog it has encouraged me to try all of the recipes Mom had hand written and hoped to get some clarity on several while she was still able to give me a few family hints.. One being she always adds a bit of sugar to her Cole slaw and salad.  Just a pinch she says.:)


 I also bought her some items she had suggested that she might like.. I have wanted to take her out shopping (I'd use her wheelchair) but she is very vain and didn't want to be seen so I must shop for her and bring all to her when I visit..It is quite a chore picking and choosing and hoping she'll like what I select.

I bought her shirts and slacks and socks as well as 2 purses.  One brown and one black..The straps must be long enough to wrap around her walker and has to have just the right amount of storage!!!!!!!!! Yes she is quite fussy but it seems this visit all was to her liking.  Yay!!!

We did get to get out with friends for an evening meal which was quite enjoyable.  NEPA (Northeast Pa as it is called) has many wonderful pizza and Italian restaurants and cafes..When we visit we alternate between pizza (we love most there) especially Revello's, Colarusso's and Salerno's just to name a few. 

This time we ate at Cafe Italia on the back road in Plains.(Port Blanchard).  You have to be from that area to understand the lingo and those who are from that area probably know exactly what I mean.  Our meal was very good and our friends brought homemade vino and lemonciello for us to taste.  Very talented guy!  There are many people from from the area who  like to venture into wine making..

My Mom and her family made Dandelion wine!  A very tedious job.  I remember how proud they would be perfecting it..Lots of fond memories!

Here is one of our entrees that we enjoyed while visiting!   Happy Baking and Cooking!

Parmesean coated veal and fried potatoes

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