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A few years back! Our Easter Brunch! 2012

Re-Post from our Easter Brunch of 2012

We moved to Pittsburgh almost 5 years ago and I count my blessings every day for days and moments that we share with our children and grandchildren. Today was one of the days!

  This was the first year we tried having a brunch instead of our usual mid afternoon dinner. Our daughter and daughter in law decided the time and the menu.  Once that was established I added my touch, which was the lunch side of it. I have never been a breakfast kind of gal but my family loves anything breakfasteee..

The reason we moved to Pittsburgh!

Susan, our daughter, brought an egg, turkey bacon, cheese and English muffin casserole..(A big Hit)..(none for me).  Also Cinnamon Monkey bread!  I did eat that!!!!! Yummy!

Egg, cheddar cheese, turkey bacon and English muffin casserole

Angela, our daughter in law, brought the stuffed french toast (fresh raspberries, cream cheese and pecans )adorned that really appealing brunch addition. (Tried a bit and it was delicious)..Stuffed french toast is one of my hubby's favorites..

Raspberries, cream cheese and pecans stuffed french toast

Now we'll come to my touch..Fresh ham (did it the way my mother in law would make it)..Tender, moist and little waste..I love ham!

Small oven roasted turkey (Butterball)

Boneless Turkey Breast..I roasted a small Butterball boneless breast approximately 2 or so hours.That too was delicious...I added some mashed white potatoes (so creamy), gravy and the kids favorite corn..Nothing fancy but sweet.

Ham so tender and juicy( I boiled it with an orange, lemon, small pineapple juice and apple)  Yummy

Fresh strawberries and bananas
Easy fresh strawberries and bananas
A small antipasto

Olive mix antipasto (my creation)

Pomegranate Iced Tea

Pomegranate ice tea with lemon for our beverage along with O.J., Coffee and of course lemon water.

The kids enjoyed their usual Egg Hunt..It was a bit brisk but they ran around like crazy..Poppy hid the eggs too well so they had a much harder time finding them this year..Maddie, our oldest was the winner but everyone really tried and it was well worth the effort.  (cash inside).

On your mark, get ready, go!

Faster than a speeding bullet even in flip flops!!!

Hope you had a wonderful day!  Happy Easter from I Like to Bake and Cook! 


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