Friday, March 24, 2017

Flank Steak, snow pea salad with oranges and edamame

My two favorite magazines are Woman's Day and Better Homes and Gardens.  I love their recipes and photos too!  While browsing through the most recent WD I came across this what appeared to be very easy recipe using flank steak.

It turns out it was super easy and I used frozen edamame and frozen snap peas.  It called for snow peas but I couldn't find any at the grocery store.

I have never broiled Flank steak or actually ever prepared it so I took to the broiling method(I'm sure you could use your outside grill as well).  Just adding salt and pepper to it I broiled it on hi for 10 minutes each side allowed it to rest for 5 minutes and then sliced on an angle.  The same way you'd slice a London broil roast.  You can see by the cut you must cut it at a slight angle.

I prepared the veggie mix ahead of time allowing time for the peas and edamame to thaw. I ran them under cold water and drained thoroughly, dabbing with paper towels to absorb moisture. Note:  I didn't have any fresh mint but we didn't miss it!

My roast was a little under a lb.

I was a little lazy tonight so I took a photo of the recipe.  Some days the easy way is the best way.


Adapted to our liking from Woman's Day Magazine 2015


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