Thursday, December 22, 2016

Life is Good!

 Winter is here in the north and I'm feeling blessed to have a warm and cozy place to call my home..

My menu is planned and I'm about to set the dining room table.

All this year's baking is done for the exception of some pizzelles that I intend to bake tomorrow.

I'm was up very early today and I was reflecting on life. My thoughts quickly went to those who are missing their loved ones or struggling in everyday life in some way. It really makes you realize there is so much hurt in the world.

I feel so thankful for our dedicated military and their families who sacrifice so much for our freedom.

Then I think of those who need a little love. ❤️ I  I hope in some little way I bring a glimmer of hope, a splash of faith and a whole lot of inspiration to never give up.

Please try to pass on a smile, a gentle tap on the shoulder, or an ear that is open to listen.

 My aunt used to say that we must remember although we like to think it's a perfect world for some people "everyone has something " that at some time they must deal with so don't think you are alone. You are not!

Take one step forward and don't look back. Make that  promise to you! Life is good!!

Love, peace and prayers. M.j.


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