Friday, May 6, 2016

God created me but I became the person I am today because of ME

Hi everyone:

I'm up early.  Daylight savings time changes my sleep pattern so I'll be up my usual time for a while.  The clock says 7:30 a.m. but my body says an hour earlier and I will be tired earlier as well.  It's funny how the body takes time to adjust to new things that happen.  The standing joke for the day in our home  has been as the day goes on someone will  say "well it's only such and such" a time with a chuckle.

 We all have to make adjustments daily.  I think you would agree.  Life is beautiful and we all should be grateful for it but at times things happen, your world turns upside down and it seems you don't know how to handle what is going on.

Over the last years I have been challenged in a lot of ways. Both physically and emotionally.  Moving on and getting going on with your life is difficult at times but we have to!  

We all have to!!! It takes some inner strength I never knew I had.  It is hard to explain in actual words.  My faith helped.  Talking to my friends helped.  Talking to myself lol helped.  I had to take extra steps to help myself. It really takes every ounce of you to make and create the you that you want to be. 

The reason I started writing today was because of this little clip I saw today on Facebook.  I'm sharing it below.
Let me try to explain to you how after so many years of trying to find myself how I finally did find my passion and my purpose. I stepped out of my safe box!  Yes that box that was filled with fear of not succeeding or better yet failure. I thought I was courageous dealing with everyday life, raising children, working, juggling life to make it balance the way it should but I never worked at creating me so here is what I did for ME.

I didn't read any self help books although it might have helped.  I wrote down on a sheet of paper the things I liked to do.  Listing the most liked to the least.  I tried coming up with five things but it was difficult.  I don't read very much or do crossword puzzles so that didn't help at all.  So I eliminated keeping myself busy while doing those were not an option in that regard. I needed to move. I don't sit still   Sitting was not an option for me at that moment.

Here is my list.

Drawing and Coloring(recent)

I capitalized on the first two at first then went on to the other two possibly three.

Now how do I create myself?  How do I get my word across to others?  

Here's where the tough part came.  I did not know if I could write let alone write in a way to come across to others in a way they would be able to understand what I was saying so I just started typing(cause I can type much faster than write) hoping how I felt would just sound like me.  I wanted to explain the best I could my recipes and how to have those who read them be able to relate to my words.  No huge words to confuse but photos yes photos (HANDY CAMERA)with some step by step pictures on explanation of how to duplicate the recipe.  ( I have no high tech camera).

That's how it all started,  now I had to develop a Facebook page and a Blog.  That was a HUGE step but not as difficult as I thought it would be.  That's where I needed some help and my grandson and niece helped me there.  No professional developer needed.  Kids these days know so much and usually just a few questions and they'll like helping you.  FYI:  There might be some teasing LOL.  See I'm not too proud to say I needed some help in that area and I've learned so much along the way with some friends I've met along this adventure too.

I've been blogging since 2011 and "facebooking" since then too!  Hmmm "facebooking"??? is that even a word?  See I really don't mind being not the perfect person in grammar sometimes although that is really important.  Sometimes you just have to go with the flow or go Google it.  Yes what a tool that has become! 

So last but least I want to say to you CREATE YOU.  Write down your interests and capitalize on those that stand out and GO FOR IT! Continue adding to that list and you'll never be bored or feel alone.  Take it from me helping others is wonderful and rewarding but helping yourself can be your best gift to you!

It is never too late and you will be proud of yourself for accomplishing a goal that maybe you didn't even know you had.  I was never a person who set goals but at my job it was required so maybe in back of my mind I did use that tool.

I wanted my family, yes my family, especially to know who I was.  They knew I loved them and cared for them and helped them but they probably never really new the part of me that wanted to tell the world I am so much more.  

God created me and I became the person I am because of being raised by good, decent loving parents but in order to be the person I wanted to be remembered I had to create ME by taking some risks of failure on the journey of life.  You can do it too. 

I never expected to write a long lengthy post but the words were flowing so I do hope it has helped someone who is reading this to take their step in creating themselves in a positive and rewarding way.  

Have a wonderful day!


original 3/13/2016

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