Friday, May 20, 2016

Easy Beef Pastie!

My Dad loved anything I would make for him.  He was the sweetest guy and a gentle giant who always made time for me.  No matter what was on my mind Dad could pick up on it and softly say JJ (that's what he called me) something bothering you? and as much  as I tried the tears would pour out. I miss him so much!!!

Mom and Dad lived several miles from me.  I knew lots of his favorite foods and when I would make one of his favorites I would make extra and bring some to him and mom.  Pasties were one of my favorite early childhood memories and he loved them too.  

We lived very close to a couple who the husband did all the cooking and he would on occasion drop off a huge pastie to us.  So that's how I came to enjoy them.  I never was taught how to make them but I decided to try a version similar to his using what I remembered about his. I am sure he did everything from scratch so bear with me this is a very simple version of those great pasties.

Today I didn't have a clue what to make for dinner.  Honestly I am kind of spent (so to speak) on cooking these days.  I have lots and lots of recipes to try but somewhere have lost motivation to get into making anything!

After browsing through my frige I found Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie crusts and decided to make a Pastie.  Well I needed ground beef so hubby graciously said he go to the grocery store and get some.  I had carrots, potatoes and onions so this I figured would be one easy meal and quite honestly it was both easy and delicious.

When mentioning on my page that I was going to make easy Pasties I received lots of comments from Pastie lovers, as well as a recipe from one of my foodies , Paula Payne.  I will post her recipe and mine too!  Here's what I did and you can easily do it too! Very easy to duplicate and Yummy too!

1 lb. 90 % ground beef
1 small onion chopped
2 T olive oil
1 large potato cubed
2 carrots cubed
salt and lots of pepper
1 refrigerated pie crust

Saute beef in olive oil with chopped onion, salt and pepper until beef is browned with no red showing.  Drain well. Note:  I pat with a paper towel well to remove any grease.  In a separate pot place cubed potatoes and carrots.  Cook until slightly tender.  Drain and cool.

Combine cooled beef, potatoes and carrots.  Toss together and add salt and lots of pepper (that's the way I remember it). 

Unroll pie crust.  Place heaping spoonfuls of beef mixture in center and fold over and seal.

Sprinkle lots of pepper on top and Bake 400 degrees approximately 20 to 30 minutes until top is nice golden brown.

The above is my recipe.

Sharing Paula's recipe too! Thanks so much Paula:)

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