Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Let's start getting it together by Getting Organized! In our home..... FYI: Part 2

Spring as sprung!!!!!  It's been so cold here in PA that I was fearing the warm weather would never arrive.  So hearing that the next few days are going to be super I thought it was worth while sharing these FYI's I use to keep my home looking fresh and neat.  

This is how I do it and you can do it too!  Just know it won't happen overnight but you must start somewhere so here goes.  You can do it!

First to make things easy let's start with eliminating all the clutter.  Books, magazines, newspapers must go!!  Go through them and keep a few that are important to you but get rid of all else. You have to! that's a start!  

Kitchen counter:  You must clear all unnecessary items.  Depending on the size of your counter and space, only allow items that you use frequently on the counter.  Example:  Coffee maker, toaster and possibly utensil keeper. Salt and Pepper shaker too! Eliminating items will give your kitchen a free flow and look so much neater and yes larger!

Living room, Dining room: Time to let go of all the nick knacks and books laying on tables.  A few items (as in one or two) look nice.  Anymore makes your tables look cluttered and I don't think you want that!  Again your rooms will look larger and neater.

Simple is best.  A few books or magazines and throw away the rest...or donate!!

Choose either a table cloth or place mats.  A versatile centerpiece you can change different color schemes for the seasons. I use mine all year.  I change the bottom dish items spring, fall and holidays. (This is my spring/summer)

Bath:  Again get rid of clutter on counter.  The only thing that should be on your counter is a soap dispenser and hand towel.  If possible place a nice hand towel rack on wall.  It'll look much neater. Place any other items under cabinet or in a bin(basket) that you can store either in your cabinet or under sink.

A small flower arrangement might add a nice touch

Bedroom:  Any dressers should be clear for the exception of a lamp or phone.  I hate to repeat myself but the room will look larger as well.  Keep draperies to a minimum. If you don't have them already, shades, mini blinds or light valances really are enough.  No bulky draperies (remember you want the room to look large)

A valance, blinds, or sheer drapes is all you need.  You do not have to have all three.

Happy Organizing from my home to yours,

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