Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bruschetta Mozzarella Chicken Bake

This recipe was on the back of a Stove Top stuffing box lol so I thought it would be a good way to start cleaning out my pantry.  I can't believe I'm actually making a recipe from the back of a box.  I don't remember doing anything like this before.  Well there is always a first time and this proved to be a good recipe. :) Enjoy!

It was really good but I skimped on the mozzarella cause I don't care for it but you cheese lovers add the amount the recipe says.

You who know me well know that I try to clean out my pantry  come January every year and sometimes in July too!  A good way to check for expiration dates and also to use what you have in it to make something with the ingredients you have on hand.

Today's meal really was tasty and it was perfect since I did have all the ingredients right in the pantry and it fit the recipe on the box. lol

The only thing I would do different with this recipe is salt and pepper the chicken before I added it to the casserole and also cover the casserole after 15 minutes of baking. I was concerned it would be too dry. It was perfect!

Hubby and I really enjoyed it and it really went well with the Boston Bibb lettuce salad I made.  Simple, easy to make and a good meal for weekend or quick work night easy meal since it only takes 30 to 45 minutes to bake.

I topped the casserole with a little grated Italian cheese.

1 can(15 oz.) diced petite tomatoes juice and all
1 pkg. (6 oz.) Stove top stuffing mix for Chicken
1/2 cup water
2 cloves minced garlic
1 1/2 lb. boneless chicken breast cut in bit size pieces
sprinkle salt and pepper
1 tsp. dried basil
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
Optional:  garnish with Italian grating cheese if desired

Heat oven to 400 degrees
Mix tomatoes, stuffing mix, water and garlic just until moistened

Spray bottom and sides of a 9 x13 in baking dish.  Layer chicken, basil and mozzarella.

Top with stuffing.  Bake 30 minutes or more depending on oven temperature.

Serve with a side salad.

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