Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Castle and Country Farm Full of Memories

Years ago my husband kept encouraging me to find out a little more about my roots.(My family).

 He had the desire to find out and possibly travel to the region (la Marche) as well as his grandfathers small village of Cantiano.


Al and I after graduation

Me and Grandpa
Me, Dad and my brother Gary

When my future husband and I started dating back in 1961 little did we know that our families would turn out to be not more than a twenty minute ride from each other in Italy.

We also didn't know after almost 48 years of marriage we would be able to visit the areas and connect with family and we managed to do it with success in September, 2014. 

Mine in Frontone. His in Cantiano!

My grandfather was born here.

The castle as it is known in Frontone

My grandfather's house
I had goose bumps when I reached my grandfather's home.  I really hadn't expected too much of a feeling but wow did I ever.  I am kidded today by our children how I was clutching the wall of the brownstone in the village. Cobblestone streets that cars can not travel but so beautifully adorned with flowers and so so clean. It was a trip of a lifetime which I am so grateful to have been able to do.

The Volpi Family roots

The Volpi homestead


Volpi extended family

My hubby's small farm town was very different than mine.  Lots of cow's in the pasture with cow bell's dinging.  Yes what a sight to see as well as hear. Everyone was smiling and kissing.  We really didn't understand much Italian so there definitely was some difficulty in verbal communication but as far as warmth and affection it was abundant.  Kisses from everyone and on both cheeks for sure.  Ciao was used frequently and my hubby's cousin who is the daughter of his cousin did her best with the translation.  Me I was totally lost.....but loved every minute of it.

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