Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kitchen, Pantry, Closet, Home :). A little motivation from me to you!

It doesn't matter what time of the year it is getting organized will make YOU feel better. 

All stored in my cabinet and every year I check for old, dried up spices..Everything tastes better when using fresh.
Note:  Some of these suggestions may be repeated in other Getting Organized Posts.


Every January, July or about I spend a day or a few hours on a day or weekend and have a pitch party...................as in out with the *old, messy, stained or just ugly (why did I buy that) item?  This also goes for your spice cabinet or drawer.  I think this post is worth re-posting for those who need a bit of inspiration and and a little push!   Whether it's your *closet, *kitchen cabinets or home * it time to pitch out dated items and freshen up your home.

Spices lose their freshness after time so buy in small quantities to assure you'll replace when needed.  

Spring will be here in no time and what better time now to start setting some goals for a stress free summer.  I love to set goals for myself.  Whether it be saving for a vacation, eating healthier, or keeping my home in order..  They all have meaning to my life and to help make it stress free I have found that setting goals has helped make my life much more enjoyable..

 This whole goal thing probably was inspired when I worked for a cosmetic company.. Everyday goals ($$$) were set and it was placed on top of our work sheet.  That number would glare at me every hour I worked.   It did motivate me( I made my selling goal most days I worked).  I felt proud of myself too (I think I stood a little taller those days) and honestly a little sad when I didn't make my goal but I never gave up.  Never Ever!!

  One of my top goals in life has always been to keep my home clutter free.  I'm a pitch person.. I love magazines but only keep a very few after I read them and that goes for books. Those extra dishes you never ever use or all those slacks and tops that have shrunk from the dryer( I'm being kind to myself). Donate, donate donate! or have a garage or yard sale.

  Warm weather is on the horizon so you and your friends may want to have a neighborhood yard sale.  There are so many options for you. On a positive note if you donate you can get a tax deduction. You just have to remember to not let clutter take over your life and it can if you allow it to.  You have to be in control and being in control is a great feeling.  Why not start right now and make yourself a few easy goals to make life a bit easier for you to enjoy!

In January I decided to work on my main clothes closet..I got rid of all my clothes that I hadn't worn in 2 years and donated to my church.  They were having a rummage sale.  My church appreciated it and I bet a lot of people benefited from those unwanted items..Anything old and tattered I pitched!!! What a wonderful liberating feeling.

Start today and make your life clutter free! 

P.S.  I'm keeping my hubby and kids!!!!

Make a list of 3 goals to set for yourself and start today to make your life a bit more enjoyable. 

As always,

M. J.


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