Monday, August 17, 2015

Chobani yogurt with Tortellini! A great summer cold salad

Hi everyone!

These last few weeks have finally felt like summer.  Hot days and humid nights and whether you have air conditioning or not the last thing you want to do it cook, correct?

Well even it you like to bake and cook like I do there are days you look for easy one two three recipes.  Simple meals that require a few ingredients to make a quick light meal.

Chobani is challenging everyone to create a #madewithchobani recipe for these hot summer days so with that bit of inspiration I decided to try my hand at creating a salad which would be easy, healthy and simple to make.

Did you know that Chobani yogurt has 40% less sugar than regular yogurt?  Yes and it tastes fabulous! Check out more recipes on their page Chobani Recipes

I just happened to have Chobani's Lemon blended yogurt right in my refrigerator so I immediately thought of a few ingredients I had handy and combined them to make a delightful light summer cold pasta salad.

Here's my simple recipe:

1- 9 oz. refrigerated tri-color cheese tortellini
1-5.3 oz. Chobani Lemon Blended yogurt
1-handful of fresh chives chopped or use green onion if you like
pinch of salt and pepper
grated Italian cheese
1/4 cup milk to thin 
1/2 cup chopped veggies (optional) carrots, celery, peppers)

Bring a pot of water to a boil adding a bit of salt.  When water is at a rapid boil toss in tortellini and stir cooking for about 2 to 3 minutes.  Remove from stove, drain.  Do not rinse.  Allow tortellini to cool to touch(I placed mine in refrigerator for a quick cool).  Set aside

yogurt, chives, pinch of salt and 1/4 cup milk to thin

In a medium bowl add Chobani lemon yogurt(Note: I think you could use unflavored too but I love lemon so that is why I decided to try my recipe with the lemon blended yogurt).

Add chopped chives, pinch of salt and pepper, milk and of course some grated Italian cheese.  Toss tortellini with yogurt mix making sure to cover each and every tortellini with this great dressing.

Refrigerate until completely cold and serve on a bed of fresh lettuce.  Any lettuce will do fine.

I added a touch of Balsamic vinegar to this dish to add a little sweetness.

Enjoy this simple yet healthy recipe and check out more greek yogurt recipes from Chobani.

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