Monday, July 6, 2015

Food, Fun, Family and Fireworks

Finally the weather co-operated and we were able to get most of our immediate family together for some a nice summer day.

  Our oldest grandson and granddaughter are off to college and the beach.  They are almost 19 and we knew this time would come. It's hard letting go but their adults and it's time.  We see them(I took both out individually for lunch); (A grammie only time) but with college and their friends I am sure it'll be holidays and a few in-between visits  NO DOUBT!!!

We are lucky to have a community pool so since we moved here over 8 years ago we have been fortunate to be able to enjoy it and have our children and grandchildren enjoy it too. They love to swim.

They are growing in leaps and bounds.  Andrew the baby of the group was 4 when we moved here and he'll be a teenager(13) soon.  Time goes by so quickly but memories last forever.

A wonderful peach and strawberries salad was qreat.  A tossed it with some balsamic and olive oil.  Sweet!

Susan and I.  She is our youngest!

In the front I made some easy pepperoni rolls using crescent rolls, sliced pepperoni and a little shredded cheddar. Follow the baking instructions on the package.  4 packages were used and not one left. 

I am a camera nut! Period!!  What better way to remember those days gone by with photos from years ago. So you can be sure a few photos were taken today.  At first they teased and said "stop with the photos" but now they have accepted it and I snap snap snap. The camera is usually with me most times.

Hubby helps quite a bit with set up and clean up!

I made it a point this year to not go way out with food preparation and start to enjoy more of the family time.  It is very hard because food and family go together and I truly love to bake and cook seriously...... That's the way it was when I was growing up and I can't get into just making do so having said that this year was much easier in the cooking area.

 No grills to deal with and we ate inside which saved outdoor clean up so we were able(me included) to get there early. 

  Desserts were made a day in advance and along with a wonderful nectarine strawberry salad, mini pepperoni rolls,  baked chicken fingers and pierogies ;we also had coconut macaroon cookies, strawberry pretzel salad, ciamballone for  dessert.  Of course sliced watermelon too!  That's a must!

mini pepperoni rolls

Layered with sharp cheese and a few spoonful of mashed potatoes and baked.

Strawberry pretzel salad.  Yummy


After we ate we ALL including me went up the pool and either sat on the ledge or went in all the way and swam.  I joinged the grandchildren and am so happy I did.

  I love the pool and don't use it as much as I should.  They offer swim aerobics which I really should join the ladies but I have to get myself up there more often for that as well as some socialization with the really nice people we have learned to call our friends.

It was a great day and just the right amount of time with family.  Now to relax! 

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