Sunday, June 7, 2015

Is anyone seeing my blog posts?

Good Morning! 

As I sit looking out my window this beautiful Sunday morning I wonder if anyone is seeing my posts?

I seldom if ever get any comments on what I have baked or cooked.  I don't know if my settings are not set correctly or if just maybe you don't like or care to post a comment.

It seems over the last few months I am getting less and less views on my blog and it is disappointing to say the least and although I can say I love doing this blog I am a little discouraged.

I know there are so many blogs now on the internet and my posts are basic everyday food recipes that the everyday person would find easy to make as well as lots I like to try and I am proud to say are all are kitchen tested.

I may be a little down today so that is probably why I am writing this short but to the point post.

I work at being positive every single day and share that on my Facebook page with words of inspiration and positivity to help each of us start our day in a positive way.

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