Sunday, April 26, 2015

Grateful and Blessed Week Two

I went to visit my mom for a few days last week.  She lives over 300 miles from our home and I make it a point to visit her every month. I have tried getting her to move closer to us but she wants to stay where she is and after talking to those who deal with the elderly they say allow  her stay where she is comfortable.  Making new friends would be difficult at her age. (almost 92)

To make note my hubby is my rock when it comes to care for my mom.  It is a joint process.  We work well together.  When we go in to see her he handles the running around for the last minute items she needs attended to and keeps me positive about the frustration that comes along with being a sole caregiver for a parent. Any questions on her finances, papers filled out and day to day questions that I can't seem to handle he is there for me to lend assistance.  He lost his parents at a very young age they were 60 and 62 respectively so this is something he has not had to handle and is doing a wonderful job supporting me.  I am blessed to have him!

Mom lives independently in a small efficiency apartment.  Her health is good but she has no strength in her legs at all so I am working on helping her get a more efficient walker.  This has been a challenge.  She doesn't like change and yesterday I was with her during her therapy session where they are working at getting her to adjust to a new device. A new tech walker.  I realize this is not easy but she is trying. She gets out of breath walking any distance and this one has a seat attached which is nice but as simple as just turning around to sit is a big project.  We so worry about falls.

The facility she resides in is a very safe environment and  although she doesn't have nursing care they are only a call away.  One of my true blessings. We also have a Life alert system where she wears a necklace and if she needs assistance a press of a button alerts a call center where they page her assistance.  She loves her independence and although she is of sound mind her body is breaking down.  It is heartbreaking to say the least.  She no longer has very good eyesight and although we have seen several doctors it is just part of the aging process.  Surprisingly although she is frustrated with these aging changes she rarely complains. She is a peach!

When I come in for my monthly visits I bring lots of small prepared meals for her and lots of desserts for her sweet tooth. She so appreciates what I do for her and thanks me and my husband frequently.  She knows we do our best and tells us many times during our visits. That really makes me feel good and appreciated.

So I do count my blessings everyday and today for the man I married some 48 years ago.  He is my rock and I am so grateful that we manage to get through all of lives challenges, step by step ,inch my inch, good days and frustrating days.  I love him and I know he loves me and my mom too!


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