Saturday, March 28, 2015

Antipasto~~~ Appetizer or Meal from my kitchen to yours!

Any day or time whether it's a large or small group of family and friends a good, healthy and colorful antipasto is enjoyable.

  You don't have to go fancy like this one was that I put together  for Christmas all you have to do is layer several deli meats, cheeses, olives and anything else you think might add food enjoyment for your guests.

  Easy and always a hit at my house an Antipasto with several good items for nibbling on or you can make it the main meal by adding tomatoes, lettuce on a side platter as well as  bread and rolls for those who want to make it their meal.  Enjoy!

Here is a last minute suggestion for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day Dinner, An Antipasto.  They are a wonderful addition to your meal.  Served with some crusty bread dipped in seasoned olive oil makes this dish almost a meal. Actually it could easily be your meal.  On occasion we order one when we dine out at our favorite Italian restaurant. 

  Large or small consider one instead of a salad for your Holiday dinner.  Everyone loves to pick a little of their favorites from this platter!  Mine is usually a bit different every year. You should start with your favorite greens (lettuce) on the bottom. Deli items should be sliced thin. Cubed cheese and a variety of olives and roasted peppers a must. There really isn't a particular style to an antipasto except placing some greens on the bottom of the platter.  Make it your way! 

Note:  Drizzling a bit of olive oil and red wine vinegar to it adds to the flavor.  You do have the option of serving the dressing on the side.

I make some seasoned dipping oil for the bread too!

  Happy Holidays! Peace, Love, Hope and Blessings to all.

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