Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Christmas Story

My Christmas Story. A trip to the ER and an overnight stay put things into perspective. I was not feeling well on Sunday and was baking up a storm. You know you must have cookies right! and it's all about preparing for the holidays, right? YOU must make dinner on Christmas or Christmas Eve right!!! well WRONG!!!!

I was put in a room with a very nice 57 year old woman who has COPD and needs a double lung transplant. She is going to die without it...period. A long time smoker she realizes what she did was not anyone's fault but her own. My heart ached for her.  She has children and very young grandchildren so and I tried with all my might to bring her a few smiles and although there wasn't anything I could really do for her other than let her talk I realized that although we all have our challenges they don't seem quite as bad as when you hear someone's else's heartfelt story.

I don't know how her story will end and although I did not want to stay overnight in a hospital it was OK. I think God put me in that room for a reason. I was kept overnight and all seems ok with me.

 Maybe it's the time of the year! Be thankful! God is good and we are good. Spread some good. Be there for those who need you and remember it's not about baking or cooking it's about loving your neighbor as yourself. I think I remember hearing that somewhere:). God Bless!

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