Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tips to make entertaining easier!

I have stressed about entertaining and have found that it isn't so much about what I'm serving or how much food I have; having a friendly relaxed environment for friends and family to gather and  share some good conversation is the key to a successful evening.

  Sure making some good choices about what you will serve are important but don't stress.   I hope to offer some help in that area and hope you'll share with me some suggestions that will help me and others start to enjoy entertaining and socializing without a fuss.. 

Some entertainment suggestions:

Invite those who you would like to invite at least a week in advance or if you want to make it an impromptu get together call them.

Make it simple in the food and beverage area. A very easy as well as enjoyable appetizer is using a block of creamcheese and then pouring jam or preserves over it.  Add some crackers or thick pretzels.
Wine, Beer and CHEESE are always a good  choice.

Warm appetizer.  Spinach Artichoke dip

Veggies and dip as well as fruit are other good choices.

Texting or emailing is easier but a heartfelt call is better.

When inviting guests try to invite guests who have something in common.  Conversation will be easier if they are on the same page.

Appetizers and Beverages:

Make the menu easy and as far as Alcohol goes you don't have to have a complete bar menu.  Keep it basic.  Beer, wine should be enough and remember to have diet and regular soda as well as water chilled for the non drinkers.

Several appetizers(two or three) some chips, nuts and pretzels should do it.

 Remember you are looking for a non stress evening so I know for me to enjoy my party I can't fuss for days or it'll never happen again.  

One more thing.  Don't invite too many guests.  Keep it small, about 12 or less would be the number for me.

Enjoy the holidays!

     As always,

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