Friday, October 10, 2014

Our Italian Holiday! The Beginning #1

I'm feeling very European and decided this trip will be called a holiday instead of our American word vacation. There will be three possibly 4 blog posts!  I took so many photos and had a very hard time narrowing down the number to share with you.  I wanted to share as many as I could so here goes!!!!

I can't think of one word that would or could even explain our holiday.  The weather, sights to see, fabulous meals, courteous and friendly people, making new friends and being with family are a few of the reasons this holiday will remain close to my heart forever.

I want you to come with me and enjoy some of the sights, spectacular views, happy faces and follow me on the journey I was so blessed to have been able to do.

We started in Milano.The Start of our adventure.

A wedding at St. Mark's

Sunset in Lecco

Our Ferry ride.  Bus and all...Wow

  I had the dish 12.  Photo below   

One of my favorite meals.  It's listed on top as #12

I hope that if you want to share you would be so kind to say where the photos were seen. Thanks, M.j.

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