Thursday, July 31, 2014

A day in the Burgh (Pittsburgh)

Today is our son's BD and as a surprise his sister, his youngest nephew and I called him and asked if he would be able to have lunch with us.  He works in the city and he did have the time for lunch and happily accepted our offer. Pittsburgh is  certainly a busy, hustle bustle city to say the least.  Parking is tough but thanks to our daughter's knowledge of the parking(she worked in the city for several years) she found us a parking lot that had some available space and a nice parking attendant to say the least..

It was my car that we took there and when we got to the 3rd floor a nice gentleman(attendant) asked me if I would like him to park our car.  Me, being a novice to the city, started to question the where will you park it and please be careful.  He then told me while looking me right in the eyes "Did you ever think of DECAF"? and we all started to laugh.  You see there were Mercedes, BMW's, Lexus', and Jaguars all around.  He then said "don't worry I won't take your car for a ride".  If I were,  look around it wouldn't be a VW I'd be taking.  Too funny!  He really was the nicest guy and as he promised us when we got back to the 3rd floor (Eddie) was in the booth and quickly got my car.  I asked our son if he knew Eddie and he said that guy has been working that lot for 15 years, a super nice guy. A friendly city it is.

Lunch was wonderful.  A little restaurant down a flight of stairs in one of the office buildings which was very charming and the food was awesome.  Italian dishes of course.

He loves cheesecake

Real plants on a wall in one of the office buildings.  Beautiful

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