Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quick Philly steak with peppers and onions in a Red sauce

I am taking a bit of a break since it's summer and we want easy meals, right? so this is a very tasty and appealing meal.

I decided to make my peppers and onions in red sauce and top my quick frozen beef  Philly steak with it. I love peppers and onions smothered in Red Sauce and I could eat them just that way and lots of time I do..Very quick and easy.  You may like to try this: Soft, toasted or crusty rolls, a must!!!  Enjoy

I love adding corn curls to this...It gives the sandwich crunch and cheese at the same time..

2 or 3 peppers, sliced thin (red, green or others)
3 to 4 tablespoons canola oil
1 medium onion sliced thin.
1 -15 oz. can Hunts sauce
Dash or two of Red pepper and salt if needed

Saute' peppers and onion slowly until slightly brown...Add Sauce, red pepper and a bit of salt if needed..Cover and cook until peppers are tender..Approximately 15 minutes..

Cook all until peppers are slightly tender. Dip some bread and this is a meal!!

This is a great to eat alone or top your steak sandwich. Today we toasted rolls and added the thin chopped frozen sandwich steak with the pepper/ onion sauce.

Note:  I topped mine with corn curls also.  It gave it the right crunch and cheese taste.. Happy Cooking!
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