Sunday, March 2, 2014

Beef Tips and Noodles!

 My Dad loved stew or stew meat.  He really wasn't fussy about cut of meat so whether mom or I would cook meat all day or for a short time he had no complaints.  Stew was one of his favorite meals.  Lots of crusty bread and butter.  Yes BUTTER!

Back to basics today.  No fancy dishes!  I like to throw in a very basic easy to make meal now and again.

Since the kids are back to school and nice hearty meals are a must  it brought to mind when I was in school some of the meals Mom would make for us. One being a nice pot of stew.  She'd put beef cubes,carrots, potatoes,onions and celery in the stew and we'd eat it with some nice fresh bread and butter.  Great memories!  Make some food memories too with this easy recipe. Note:  This recipe can be doubled or tripled with no problem!

 Happy Cooking!


1 + lb. beef (cut in small cubes)** they'll cook faster
1 small onion diced or grated
1 potato cubed
few carrot thick slices
1 stalk celery minced
salt and pepper to taste
egg noodles (optional, cooked according to directions) 

I had bought some beef tips and thought I'd make something easy today so I added some olive oil to my pot and I lightly sauteed the beef until it browned slightly.  Note: For convenience I used stir fry beef already diced into small pieces; added a finely diced onion, sprinkle of salt and pepper and when beef browned a bit I added about 1 cup water and simmered until beef was tender.. Thickened it with slight amount of flour and served it over fine egg noodles.  I added sides of lemon pepper carrots and fresh green beans..

Happy  Cooking!

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