Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekly Meal Planner #2

As promised here is the Weekly Meal Planner.  This is week #2.

I'm hoping that this is helpful to those who asked for help in their weekly meal plan.

I also post on my Facebook page almost daily with what's cookin in my kitchen whether it's a big meal or light salad , soup, sandwich or dessert.  Meals that my mom made for me growing up!  She was the kind of woman who loved making lots..She never made a small pot of anything.  We always had plenty of leftovers to share with neighbors, friends and family.

 A little note: Try to incorporate lots of green and leafy  vegetables into your meals. Spinach, green beans, leaf lettuce, broccoli and kale are a very good examples. Saute, steam or stir fry veggies. Frozen is a good option if fresh isn't available.

Keeping with the whole pyramid theme.  Balance your food choices to have sensible size portions.

Weekly Meal Planner #2

Dinner Notes
Sunday Chicken Francaise
Link: Healthy Chicken Francaise 
kernel corn
Berry Cobbler
Link: Easy Fruit Cobbler
A family Favorite

Dinner Notes
Monday  Healthy Vegetable Soup Link:Healthy Vegetable Soup Serve with Fresh Bread or rolls...Store bought pound cake for dessert

Dinner Notes
Ranch Chicken
Link:Tangy Ranch Chicken 
mixed vegetables
Eclair Cake
Check out Desserts on Labels on Blog page
  One of my daughter's favorite dishes..

Dinner Notes
Wednesday  Barbeque Meatloaf
Link:Barbeque Meatloaf
Mashed Potatoes
Cole slaw
Boston Cream Cake
Link: Boston Cream Cake
 You can switch days and use the menu to your convenience

Dinner Notes
Thursday  Lightly breaded Tilapia
Link:  Panko encrusted Tilapia
Parsley Potatoes
Jello with light whipped cream
Good fish suggestion

Dinner Notes
Friday Broccoli Aglio
Link:Broccoli Aglio
Link:Easy Ambrosia                     
Leftovers are great in both these dinner and dessert items.

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