Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mom's 90th Birthday

I'm away from my blog and visiting my Mom.  It's her 90th BD.

 I'm taking with me lots f goodies for her to enjoy as I always do.   She is the woman behind my baking and cooking blog.  She has been my inspiration to be the best person I can be and a confident person in my kitchen.

She never ever worried that something wasn't going to be good or that someone would be disappointed.  Her confidence then and today is exactly the same.

 I too feel confident in my kitchen adventures.  If I mess up now and again I try it again.  Never give up when you bake or cook or in any thing you do.  Life isn't perfect and either is baking or cooking.  Pick yourself up and start all over again. You can do anything you put your mind to. xo 

            This is the last picture I have of my brother, mom and I for mom's 90th Birthday which was October 13, 2013..  My brother Gary, my only sibling, passed away on January 17, 2014 from a long battle with cancer. RIP  So happy he was able to spend the day with us.  He was kind and gentle man who cared about his family and friends.  He will be greatly missed. 

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