Monday, November 4, 2013

Sides dishes from my kitchen!

Tired of corn, peas and plain carrots as sides?  I think an easy and interesting side is always a good choice for your chicken, fish or beef meal.   I love veggies and lots of times I know I could make a meal out of just one of these but try adding one to your meal for a healthy and colorful add to. Whether you saute, steam or bake them sides dishes make the meal and who doesn't like a salad or cup of soup?

Here are a few you may like to try! For these recipes and a lot more check out the Great Sides section of my blog.

Try sauteing a medley of fresh veggies in olive oil and garlic for a nice colorful and healthy side.

 Happy Cooking!

Red beet salad..Add some sliced cucumbers for an added touch. (canned or fresh you choose)

Cauliflower Bacon cheese casserole

Peach salsa (goes wonderful with pork)

Butternut squash and bean salad (served either warm or cold) add this as a side for chicken

Sauteed carrots, spinach and minced garlic in olive oil (goes well with chicken, fish or beef) 

A good green salad or a cup of soup is always a good choice. (An any meal side)

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