Monday, October 21, 2013

Baked Pumpkin Seeds!

Good Morning!   Has everyone bought a pumpkin yet? :)  Every year I buy one basically for the pumpkin seeds inside.  As  a child growing up my delight every year was to get my hands inside a pumpkin and clean out the seeds.  I didn't mind my hands getting all messy and mom wouldn't mind my doing it.  She would put newspaper on the table, cut off  the top, and I'd get to it.  Honestly it was a mess!!  but the reward was worth it :). For me it was because I love to eat toasted pumpkin seeds!!!

She'd  put out the vegetable/pasta strainer and I'd pull out as many seeds as I could,  separating the pulp from the seeds.  It certainly occupied me and she seemed to like seeing me having a good time.  As slimy as the seeds were while I was picking them out, after they were separated Mom would rinse the seeds and although some pulp may have stuck to some of the seeds she then dry them on a towel on the table.  The next day she'd  salt them (lots of) and toast them  for us.   Ahh the memories.<3.  So as a reminder this Halloween or fall make some toasted pumpkin seeds. The below method is how I still bake them.

Easy to do oven method:  

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Spray cookie sheet slightly  with cooking spray . Spread seeds on cookie sheet, salt lightly or add any seasoning you'd like.  Turn seeds with spatula every few minutes until dry and crispy. Enjoy! They toast quickly so be careful not to burn them. 

 Now my children and grandchildren can't wait to make their pumpkin seeds.  Make a  Halloween memory!<3:)

 Of course carving the pumpkin is another  Have a smiley day:).

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