Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Making use of some Fresh Strawberries:

I'm thinking ahead this year and remembering the high prices of strawberries come December so last week they had some beautiful strawberries at a reasonable price and I bought two pound..Picture perfect and sweet so I cut some up and used them on a piece of cheesecake (I freeze my cheesecake and pieces as well) and the rest I chopped in my food processor, sugared and froze for that December day I want some great strawberry shortcake..Here are some pictures.   Check and see if there are some,reasonably priced, and you could have fresh strawberries to share for the holidays... Enjoy!

I found some reasonably prices strawberries, cleaned them well , and froze both crushed and whole.

I use my food processor but a mini chopper works as well..

Either buying a nice pound cake or angel food cake makes for a quick dessert.


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