Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Easy saute'd cabbage and noodles!

I'm from the old school of baking and cooking and usually take the long way to make most meals but lately I have been thinking new school and taking some short cuts to recipes.  I have found that most of these short cuts work very well and with the busy lifestyle that most of us have so why not make it easier.

Here is a very simple way to make some Haluski or cabbage and noodles:

I pkg. preshredded cabbage(I usually rinse all pre packaged veggie products) Drain well.

1 medium to **large onion sliced thin (onion gives it a great flavor along with
1  to 1/2 sticks butter

salt and pepper

l lb. thin or thick noodles (you choose) Cook according to directions.  

Saute' onion in butter.  Add drained cabbage. Cook slowly stirring to coat all with butter. (Cover for a while to let cabbage steam)

****In a separate pot, add a bit of salt.  When water is to a boil add noodles and cook according to directions. Drain well and add to cooked cabbage..

Enjoy!  Easy, quick and so buttery!

Happy Baking and Cooking from my kitchen to yours,


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