Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Getting organized: My Recipes

How do you keep track of your recipes?  I would keep them in a recipe box but it became so unorganized and tough to find what I would be looking for that I decided a binder would be my gift to me and I'm making another for my best friend (my daughter).  You may want to do one for someone too!

Files on your computer are a good way to start.  I have store and go backup but why not print some and add a few handwritten ones to add a special touch to it.  That is what I'm doing!

I'm  putting together one and I'll post some pictures of it when it is complete. You can buy laminated sheets to protect the printed copies when you purchase the binder.  Binders come in all sizes and shapes and most are not very expensive.  I think my total cost was around $10.00 to $12.00 depending on what type(style binder) you want to buy.. 

I know this is a little early but wouldn't it be nice to give a friend or family member your favorite recipes all packed in a special binder.  Share your recipes with those who would appreciate it.

 Happy Baking and Cooking!


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