Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chicken with Quinoa and Brown Rice! Super Easy

Easy meals for those who don't like to cook!  or even those who do like to cook!

This is a easy crockpot meal or on the stove you choose.

1 lb. boneless chicken breast cut in pieces
1 pkg. Lipton onion soup mix
2 cups water
2 pkg. Uncle Ben's (90) second  Whole Grain Medley or pkg. rice of your choice

Mix 1 pkg. onion soup mix with 2 cups water.  Place in crockpot.  Add cut up chicken. Place on low heat for an all day cook or high for several hours.  You decide.

Note:  If you like,  you can brown your chicken before you place it in the crockpot.

Before serving add 2 pkg. Uncle Ben's (90 second rice).  I used 2 pkg. Quinoa and Brown rice to cooked chicken. 

 Allow for rice to warm thoroughly. Serve with veggie as I did (2 veggies)  or salad.  

Quick and super easy!!!

Happy Cooking!

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