Friday, November 2, 2012


Today's blog post is not related to food! Hope you can handle it!!!  It's a fun loving post!

Much to our delight we are welcoming a little pooch (puppy) to our family.  I know, I know!!!  Some will say "Get a Life" it a dog!! 

Whether you own a pet or don't like animals at all there is something about adopting a puppy; knowing it is going to a loving and caring home that warms the heart.

Our daughter, Susan,  contemplated doing this for years.  She has three boys ages 16, 13 and 9 and wouldn't take on the responsibility of a pet (any pet) until she knew she was able to give it the attention it would require. She knew they had the love without question!

Today, November 2nd  she and her Dad are going to pick up Sophee (Shih Tzu) and I am excited!  It's quite a drive to say the least but she'll be worth it!


I am not a huge pet lover but we had a Shih Tzu too! Her name was Juliette and we called her JuJu.  She lived to be 17 and not only was a cherished pet to us but we were able to share JuJu with our two nieces. They adopted JuJu when our lives demanded a great deal of traveling.   We could not bare to know that JuJu would be lonely so we offered JuJu to  my sister in law and her family and she thought it was the right time for a pet and JuJu became theirs.  Happy Story!!!

I hope this loving pet story/blog brings a smile!

Hoping to brighten your day!


p.s. Pictures to follow!!!!  Of course with a photo fanatic like me you'll probably get to see a few!

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