Sunday, September 30, 2012

Time for the Italian Festival! (Festival Italiano)

OMG what a glorious day scouting out the Italian Festival or as we Italians call it (Festival Italiano).  We hadn't been to one in several years and I have to say NY has nothing on us!  Bloomfield, is a small town, located several miles from the booming metropolis of Pittsburgh, PA. Every year they have an Italian Festival and my husband being 100% Italian marks it on the calendar for one of our MUST DO"S.  Today the weather worked perfectly and along with two of our very good friends off we went to enjoy the festivities.

The town was packed and Italian music was on every corner.  Food stands galore, Italian shirts and novelties every two feet.  Young and old alike were having a great time.  Everyone seemed to have food in their hands.

How about some entertainment?

We tried homemade gnocchi from St Maria Goretti Church.  Homemade by the church's parishioners!  They were a must and our first choice to capture the Italian food moment. Delizioso!!!  Yummy ! Canoli's from Moilo's Bakery. Perfection!  Sausage and peppers on homemade rolls. Just like Uncle Johnny used to make.  Every mouthful brought back great food memories. Oh how I loved  people watching while at the same time trying to eat and capture pictures while most were handling food with  napkins galore being used to wipe sauce from their faces.  Too funny!

Italian ladies calling out to friends to stop by.

 What a great Italian experience!

Bocce on the corner was wonderful to see.  It reminded me of hubby's Nonno.  Those were the days!  The picture I managed to get was my Grandpa personified.  He was a cigar smoker too!  That stokie hanging from his mouth was priceless while he gently rolled that Bocce Ball brought back so many cherished memories.

St. Albert

There is no doubt in my mind we'll be making this a repeat performance.

 Mangia, vivere, amare!  Eat, Live, Love!  My kind of day!!

Happy Sunday!


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