Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day with our son and his family! 2012

Each year we do a little something for Dad on Father's Day.  Since it falls in June the easiest is a meal on the grill.  Super Easy!

 This post was blogged for Father's Day 2012 and I thought you may like to see how basic and yet so beautiful the day was spent.

It was a very good day to relax and have an easy meal on the grill.  No fuss kind of day!  Just a day to share love, laughter and some tender moments spent with the family. A good day!  I think my  hubby would definitely agree.  Missing in action were our daughter and her family (Vacationing).  She did call and the boys were able to wish their Poppy a Happy Father's day. 

Happy Grilling!
The meal included

Pork kebobs, peach salsa, broccoli slaw and rice pilaf(not shown)

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