Saturday, June 16, 2012

Have you ever been to a TRUNK SALE?

Today we decided to venture out and check out what a TRUNK SALE is.  It was the perfect day to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. A Trunk Sale (in our area) is is actually a yard/garage sale held from the trunk of your car. I think it is a cool way to sell items you no longer have use for or just want to spend a beautiful day meeting nice people. Your car trunk is your space so you fill your trunk with the items and display them as nicely as you can.  A great idea!!

I found it to be both fun and interesting.  I met some nice people including this lovely woman named Sharon.  She was so friendly and courteous that I couldn't resist purchasing a few of her lovely items.  Being a food blogger I am always looking for interesting pieces to use as food props.

What a fun morning!  

You might want to check one out ..I found them to have very good items at reasonable prices.

Happy Baking and Cooking!


Smiles from Sharon

One of the many trunks with lots of really nice things.

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