Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My steak salad experience at Noodles!

On and off the past month we have been going out for a  relaxing bite at some local restaurants.  Not being home and having all my kitchen tools to make the meals I usually do really bugs me so some days my hubby and I go grab a bite and enjoy some local fare.

Yummy plus two!

Over the weekend we visited a really cute eatery called Noodles (loved the name).  It is in Naples, Florida.  This was our second visit and we will visit this place for sure again.  Our meals have been consistently wonderful.  My hubby has had chicken picata, the first visit and chicken parmesean this time over fresh homemade (yes homemade on the site noodles, pasta.) I have stuck to my oh so favorite steak salad..  This salad was perfect both times.  Loaded with gorgonzola, asparagus, medium size pieces of tenderloin, red onion, ripe tomatoes,Greek olives, both bibb, romayne and red leaf lettuce and drizzled with a balsamic glaze.  Tastefully presented and served with great focaccia bread (bread could have been warmer)..  Quality ingredients at their finest.

I definitely am going to try to duplicate this salad !  Wonderful!

A beautiful Naples sunset!

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