Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Morning! Hope you are planning to wecome 2012, your way!

I love staying at home for New Year's Eve..We had gotten away from going out to parties..Somehow, curling up with a nice blanket in front of the TV with hot chocolate and cookies or sometimes making a wild sundae became our norm and honestly it was something I would look forward to and I am sure will always..

This year things have changed!  We are celebrating with friends at our Clubhouse.  It is only a stone's throw from our home but as nice as it will be, and I am sure it will be, I am going to miss the coziness of my home.. Do you think that is strange? Can it be that I am getting old?  or acting old?  Naw, I just think there is something very comforting and peaceful with being in your home doing your own thing and I'm betting there are a lot of folks like me.

I will also reflect on my plans for next year..I really don't make New Year's resolutions (too stressful) so I am going to try to cook a bit healthier at times (I have to be honest). Be more patient (some days I really have to work at it).  Do some walking (even if it is too cold, I'll either bundle up or go walk in a mall). No shopping allowed! and most of all be thankful for my family and friends.  As I have gotten older I truly realize family is family no matter what they do or say and I love them and I appreciate and love my friends. I am there for them as they are for me and I am blessed..

Looking forward to sharing 2012 with you my blogger friends.. Hopefully this new year brings you health, peace and happiness..( Hopefully someone I know wins the lottery) Wouldn't that be a nice bonus?



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