Saturday, December 22, 2012

Frozen Leftovers: Today it was Lasagna and a cup of soup!

I have nothing against bought frozen meals.. If it works for you it's OK with me!  I  prefer my own home cooking so that is why I freeze my leftovers.  Most box meals have way too much salt and heavy seasonings and even though I have tried them none compares to what you make yourself..Why not make a big pan of lasagna or a large pot of meatballs and freeze them or whatever you have left.  I do it and have done it forever..  I've done it with macaroni and cheese, soups, beef and pork barbecue and many many others..Nothing is better than home made!  Try doing it sometime, you may surprise yourself and wind up being healthier from your decision.. Happy Cooking or should I say reheating the good stuff!!!!

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