Thursday, August 25, 2011

Leftovers tonight!

There wasn't any cooking done in this house today!  I was out shopping all day so it's leftovers tonight...I am happy to say though that the shopping was successful....We are hosting a wine and cheese social on Sunday (first time).  I am not getting myself over anxious about this...but there are 50 plus people attending!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I might mention it is at our clubhouse and it is a BYOB event...I hope to get some pictures to post...Our menu is quite basic, various cheeses, dipping sauces, Italian bread and of course grapes (green and red).  A local entertainer will provide the my fingers are crossed that this event will open me up to be more comfortable socializing!!!!Check out my other blog goodmixx.blogspot. com for my getting out of the box and socializing.  I'll be posting various dips and drinks (easy stuff) that I hope you like and will help you with your entertaining...Happy Day!!!

Sauteed veggies from the other night with Italian Bread...Fantastic!

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