Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Out to dinner while vacationing with the family!

A beautiful place to fish

The all famous night crawlers

She's a good sport!

There were two pools..indoor and out

Ahh...Relaxing and fun..You can't beat it!!!  Life is good!!!

We were on a mini vacation with our grandchildren..We do a "no parents" allowed trip with them and we totally enjoy it..They like to dine casually and we like to take them for some more upscale dinners so we balance it and do a little of each..Our dining experience this trip wasn't what we expected..  Poor service and the quality of the food was we won't visit this restaurant again..  Even the usual cafe we frequent was disappointing..Too bad!

This year the weather co-operated and we did lots..  Paddle boat, mini golf, ping pong,swimming and fishing are just a few of the things we did..

The grounds at this resort were beautiful..and fishing turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip. ..They couldn't wait to go but once we got there and someone had to bait the one wanted to do it..  All encouraged the other when they saw those huge night crawler's ..Not me I told them for sure!  I'm laughing as I write about this..Our oldest granddaughter stepped up to the plate(she's not only beautiful but such a good sport) and then the oldest grandson decided he could do it..and all got their poles ready to go.  Unfortunately not a fish was caught but some great laugh out memories for sure!  Can't wait until next year!!!!

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