Friday, February 17, 2017

A tribute to my Mom

Monday February 13, 2017 I lost my mom.  She passed away peaceful but unexpectedly and my heart is heavy with hurt.

She was not ill and had showed no signs of not feeling well.  She was a strong woman. Kind, caring and generous to everyone. Although she was 93 she had a mind and memory of someone much younger.

Her body had been deteriorating slowly over the years from many years of hard work and drive but her mind was as sharp as a twenty year old.

She was a wife and mother who worked as a young woman during the war at a facility in Millersville, Pa  that helped build our airplanes during WWll.  She was from the era of the Rosie the Riveter.

She was Madeline the Riveter.

Mom was such an inspiration to my brother and myself and as we had children of our own she was their best friend. She always listened to them and in a lot of ways spoiled her grandchildren but not with money but with friendship and love. She never pushed them aside. There wasn't anything that she would not do for them.

She helped me while the children were babies.  I finished my college and then decided going to beauty school would be a better option because I could be home with my little ones.

She helped me a few days a week so I could complete that feat and I did.  She cared for my youngest for a few hours a few days a week until I finished the course. I was so fortunate to have her.

Having a business background and a artistic flair helped me run a successful hair styling salon in the basement of my home being able to not need a babysitter or daycare.

I could write for hours telling you what she did for others.   She was amazing and cared so much even to make large grocery bags with food for her family and friends without a question.

 Her and Dad were not from wealth or had wealth but they both saw the need to share with those they thought might need a little extra.

She always wanted to give to those to make sure food was on their table.  She also baked and cooked almost everyday and she shared it with all the neighbors.  Even her hairdresser she was always giving food too.  She always cooked for ten and not for there was plenty to share.

It wasn't as if she was super healthy.  Yes she had a strong heart but very bad legs and arthritis as she aged. The legs caused her the most frustration.  She eventually used a walker and then to a wheelchair and then to her favorite pair of legs, a Jazzy which was a small but efficient scooter.  Lol.

 Where she lived she managed to get around with the jazzy.  I was so grateful we could get her one.  She had hesitated being very proud but came to realize her life would be so much better with a means to get her around.

The last few months of her life were good.  She felt good, ate like a trooper. She had the best appetite and I told her that often.  Salads were her specialty and when I would talk to her each day she would be making her salad.  Yes she cut up every piece of lettuce, cucumber, onion and tomato and black olives were a must.   Every single day she had a salad.  She never missed one. I used to say to her "Mom watch the knife. I don't want you to get cut".  She assured me she knew how to use a knife and was careful.  What a lady!

I could go on and on about her.  She was absolutely amazing person as well as a great wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother.  Not to forget to mention the most loyal friend.  She would often talk about all her friends in high school and that those she met along her long journey in life. 

Right until the very last day I talked to her she was talking about her dearest friend Emma.  Emma was the best! She met Emma several years ago and they were quite inseparable.

Emma would be by her side through the halls of Wesley and they were great Bingo players.  Also someone she could confide in as only a true friend could be.  I loved Emma too. You could not help love her. A great friend!

Through the years family and friends came and went and it was heartbreaking to her but she learned to accept it.  Yes, I guess that may be a gift.

I also have to mention that everyday she said a prayer book of prayers.  Over the years she prayed more and more and I would mention people to add to her list.  When I or anyone in the family or a friend wasn't feeling well she'd pray extra prayers.  She really did and would tell me I'll say some more prayers.  I told her we counted on those prayers.

I am a devote prayer person too. I have my book of prayers of which most she gave me copies of.  Now I will add hers to mine and continue to pray which I know she would have liked.

She lost her husband and son and she managed to go on.  Her mother, father, brothers and sister and dear friends but she never lost her faith. 

She had such a will to live. I can only hope I have her will, inspiration and determination. 

Missing you Mom.

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