Sunday, June 19, 2016

Summer's here and so are easy meals

Happy and a Blessed Sunday to all.
I attempted to post an idea I had today about food. What else right? Well somehow it was deleted so here goes again.

This coming week I am going to try very hard to do a low carb , low cost meal week. uggh but I know I can do it. I do love carbs and I will be using all types of beef (ground, stew, stir fry etc.), pork tenderloin (I have one) chops, chicken(both boneless and bone in) and plenty of veggies and herbs and spices as in tomatoes, spinach, lettuce(two varieties), onions, sweet and red, variegated peppers, carrots and others that I either have frozen or will pick up later at the market/grocery store during the week. I will use rice in moderation but no potatoes or pasta.

I am thinking this is a good week to try this since it's the beginning of summer and veggies and fruit should be plentiful. I will watch prices and buy in moderation but try to get a variety. We'll see how I do. Check back during the week to see the meals. I'm not making promises but I will be working hard to create something filling and tasty. Carbs are a big weakness for me because they fill me. I don't know about desserts yet but that too will be a work in progress.

What makes me do this. I want to spend a little less time in my kitchen (yes I said that) and get out to enjoy nature and maybe explore some new hobby. We'll see. Make sure you keep checking in I'm sure to post these meals most days as you can't keep me away from sharing good, healthy and yummy recipes.

Smiles and love always, 

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