Thursday, October 1, 2015

A little inspiration

 This video was made by me during my husband's high school golf banquet. He is golf coach at St. Joe's high school. I cut the video a bit but I think you'll get the message he was trying to convey to the young at our golf banquet. He wants to make a difference! Hope you enjoy and just maybe you can do something to inspire someone today or everyday.

My husband is golf coach at a local high school.  He is a very dedicated person and wants to make a  difference.  This video is just a little bit of who he is and I felt it was worth sharing.

I try to make a difference by sharing my blog with thousands of people.  It's my small part trying to inspire and motivate all around the world to help you make an effort to make some healthy meals for you and your family. It'll pay off with many great food and family memories.

Make your mark helping others in some way.  You'll feel good and you just don't know who you will help along the way!  I am sure last night his message was received by more than one.  Parents attended as well and I was very proud of him and it helped me understand all the hours he is away from home doing what he does really well.  He makes a difference!

Golf video

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