Thursday, May 21, 2015

Easy Broccoli Slaw

Memorial is upon us and if you're looking for a side dish that's healthy and tasty this one's for you.

I found this recipe in a People Magazine and tweaked it a bit to my liking and I can't wait for tonight to have it with burgers.  Easy and quick to make for a nice side dish. 

I like to refrigerate mine for a while before serving but I think you don't have to if you are in a hurry.


I took an easy way out and photographed the recipe.

This is the original recipe.  I used pre packaged broccoli slaw mix to save time and it worked out fine.  As a precaution  I rinsed it well and drained and patted it with a paper towel to absorb some moisture.

Note:  I added 1/4 tsp. sugar and a slight bit more or the lime juice and olive oil.  I like it a little juicy and as it sets it will be perfect.

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