Sunday, December 7, 2014

Our family tradition! Hoping you'll make it yours too!

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My Christmas Reminder . If you want to make some wonderful memories with your grandchildren this is a must. My sweeties are growing so quickly but I have these memories to last forever. They laugh now at how they drew then and now.
I post these photos every year as a suggestion to all grandparents. I have this tradition every Christmas where my grandchildren write, draw or color something that reminds them of Christmas on a washable tablecloth with fabric/markers/ pens that I purchased at our local craft store. I didn't start it as early as I had wanted to so take note of that.

Try to start this Christmas tradition when they are young enough to draw a little bit. Maybe 3. I started when our youngest grandson was 4. They love doing it and the oldest are 18 so I'm thinking it may be their last at this but who knows?

Making wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. I bought my tablecloth for around $10  and the pens are probably around $5 or so. Enjoy! We sure do!!


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