Friday, December 19, 2014

If it's not broken why fix it? If it works for us it can work for you! Christmas Dinner Suggestion

I was thinking of changing the Christmas Day menu but it seems this year will be a repeat of last years.  I asked the kids and they said"Mom make it easy on yourself" so I am.

I make my chicken soup early in the week and clean up the pot so the broth, chicken and carrots are cut and are nicely placed in containers in my refrigerator.  I bought the homemade cappelletti's this year.  I usually make them but this year I'm letting someone else have that job!

 I will get soup and antipasto together a few hours before the children and grandchildren hit our house.

Everyone will be hungry and excited so we'll nibble a bit and eat and nibble but there won't be presents opened until we have our dinner. 

First Course:  The Soup

Second Course:  The Antipasto
I love making the antipasto so that is easy for me.

Last but least the lasagna.  The sauce will be prepared this weekend and on Wednesday I will put it all together and refrigerate it until early Christmas morning when I'll take it out of the refrigerator about an hour before I place it in the oven. 

Desserts we'll have to see but requests from the grandchildren are Italian Anise cookies.  That's all they want so I'll  make a double batch of them on Sunday.

 I've done the spiced pecans and pretzel turtles and they are in tins in my garage.  Knowing me I'll surely make a few other delights, that is unless I get the urge to buy an ice cream cake  roll. (the one that is a rolled chocolate cake (jelly roll type)filled with vanilla ice cream).  I just love them and no one seems to sell them anymore.  

The grandchildren are excited every year because first they are with their cousins who they love and we even set up a table so they can eat and chat without the parents.  We all sit and have dessert together and then we play a game involving both families and modest gifts.  We give them hints and the family that comes closest to guessing correctly wins the prize.  It's always fun with laughs galore!

Make some memories.  One of my greatest enjoyments is seeing them (all 5) coloring something holiday on a tablecloth I bought years ago and laughing at how terrible they think they colored then.

  So much Love to share. 

Merry Christmas to you and yours,

 M.j. Al,  Son Mark, Daughter Susan and their families

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