Sunday, August 24, 2014

Remembering my Grandparents

I am Feeling blessed to have had these amazing grandparents influence me as a child to become the adult I am today.  I was taught to have great morals, respect for myself and others and the basics so I can thank them as well as my parents for teaching me right from wrong and that is what I hope to have passed on to my children and grandchildren.  Come join me in my visit to memory lane. 

Kind regards, M.j.

I've been going down memory lane and have been enjoying going to old photos.  I hope you enjoy seeing and hearing a little about my grandparents.

I have lots of great memories from my grandparents.  More with my Dad's parents because we lived with them while Dad went to college.  Yes my Dad went to college after serving in the Navy.  He went to college in  Philly and Mom and I stayed with them so I do have many more memories from spending time  living with them.  Grandma wore a corset lol and I would unhook what seemed to be 100 little hooks for her at night and I would pin her hair with bobby pins when she washed it.  Good memories, lots of good memories.

Grandpa was a gruff but gentle giant.  He and grandma raised 3 great boys to be responsible men.  Well respected by everyone Grandpa was a miner.  He worked hard and Dad told me on pay day would treat them to ice cream.

Here's a photo of me and my Grandpa Antonio or Anthony as most called him. Gosh I miss him. He taught me to snap my fingers when I was only 7 months old. Mom and Dad told me that he would tell everyone he met how he taught me how to snap my fingers.  Kind of funny now looking back. This photo is precious.  We both are smiling. Lots of love going on there :).


 Grandma's family were English and her and grandpa lived with grandpa's family so she was taught my Nona her mother- in- law to cook and I watched them make tortelli which is what I know to be ravioli today.

Huge ravioli type double dough filled ground cooked meat mixture.  I don't know exactly what was in those huge dough filled pockets but I do remember her grinding all sorts of cooked meat before she added her spices (nutmeg and cinnamon) which included so much fresh cheese I drank huge glasses of water to quench my thirst. lol

They were so delicious.  Grandma died when I was 16 and she holds a special place in my heart as I spent a great deal of time with her.  Quiet, kind and gentle I remember her to be.  Although Dad told me so many funny stories about her when he was growing up that it's hard for me to see her as a comedian. She looks very serious in the photo.

Nana and Poppy were what I called my mom's parents.  He was 100% Italian and she was 100% Slovak.

Nana cooked mostly meals from what her Mom taught her and what Poppy remembered his mom making.  He came over from Europe and I'm told from a affluent family.  Nana and Poppy would travel to Europe to visit family and family here in the U.S cared for the children.  Nana used potatoes and pasta for most of their meals.  Mom would say that they were inexpensive and with the large family of seven those type meals who go far to feed a growing family.  Pierogie, cabbage and noodles and Italian Macaroni and cheese were frequent meals.

Thanks for going down memory lane with me.  Hope you enjoyed it too!

Sending lots of smiles your way :):). M.j.

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