Sunday, December 29, 2013

Keeping positive in your daily life!

Good Afternoon: A rainy and very dreary day here in PA, not at all like winter and more like early spring.  The snow has pretty much melted so my Christmas decorations are coming down. I didn't feel much like decorating this year but I did have way more decorations out that I thought I would so it'll take a bit longer to package and put away but it must get done so I will do it slowly but it will get done.

 Of course we must exclude that wonderful Santa I purchased at a great price.  He will be an exciting addition next year! I just love him :).

  It takes motivation and determination to do all that is handed  to you in life but thinking positive gets me through tremendous challenges and it will  get you through as well if you make it a  part of your life too!

 On another note I want everyone to know that I appreciate all your prayers for our family. It is a very difficult time but I have great comfort knowing that Mom and I were able to visit my brother yesterday. We were able to tell him we loved him and give him lots of hugs. I even gave him a haircut!  He looked pretty sharp after I put my hairstylist craft to his beautiful curly hair.

I always wanted curls!  My hair is soooo straight.

I will be on and off my page and blog for a few weeks but will post when I am more motivated. I don't want to lose not even one of you so please still check out my page and or blog as I do plan on posting some recipes I have made and haven't posted ,as well as, some re-posts. Prayers, smiles:)'s and positive thoughts are always a part of who I am so please make it a part of who you are. They will get you through the good and tough times.

Love as always, 


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