Monday, October 28, 2013

Stuffed Eggplant with Spicy Sauce & Stuffed Zucchini drizzed in Olive Oil! Two posts


What to do !  What to do!  I overbought ground beef so since today was Monday "clean out the frige day" I figured I use this chubby eggplant and skinny zucchini to make two dishes using basic beef but adding some different herbs and spices to create two dishes.

 Note to self:  I used approximately 2 +lb. ground beef and seasoned that amount with the below ingredients only eliminating cayenne pepper, and bell peppers for the skinny zucchini and the mini meatballs.  Whew! Oh and I made lots of mini meatballs for Wedding Soup (they easily freeze for later use).

Happy Cooking!


First the chubby eggplant

Hollow out the center.  Using some of the pieces from the center as well as a (1)diced orange bell pepper,(2) garlic,(3)egg, (4)breadcrumbs, (5)parsley or Italian seasoning, (6)salt and cayenne pepper.  Mix and fill the center.  Top with freshly made or jarred tomato sauce to which I added a little more cayenne pepper, covered and baked at 350 degrees until meat and eggplant were cooked approximately 1 hour.

 Remove from oven and garnish with mozzarella cheese. Note:  Oven varies so stick a fork in eggplant to make sure it is cooked.

Second the Skinny Zucchini

Wash and cut zucchini length wise.  Scoop out seeds sprinkle garlic powder, onion powder, Italian seasonings, salt and pepper over the inside of zucchini and fill with above beef mixture.

Note:  You can use ground sausage or ground turkey for these recipes.  Make sure to season beef and turkey moderate to heavy if you like lots of flavor.

Place stuffed zucchini in a baking dish in which you have added a little olive oil.. Drizzle a little olive oil on top of filling (1 or 2 T).  Cover and bake until tender.  Do not over bake!!! Serve with a salad.    Enjoy!

See the skinny zucchini and the chubby eggplant?

Eggplant Dish

Zucchini Dish:  There isn't any cayenne pepper or bell peppers in this dish! But you could add them if you desire.


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