Thursday, September 5, 2013

Italy: Our first visit

 Two years ago this month my hubby and I and two dear friends went to Italy and Greece.  For those who haven't had a chance to see my post I would  like to share some moments with you. This first post is of Venice.  I'll share some of our special photos of Greece later.

We're home from our wonderful trip of a lifetime.  Our trip included several days in Venice and a week touring the Greek Islands.  It had been a secret dream of mine forever and when friends of ours suggested Greece I was thrilled.  I knew my hubby always wanted to visit Italy and somehow I knew it would happen but Greece? I never would or could have imagined my getting to see that absolutely beautiful country. 

I have been pampered and spoiled by those Italians and of course the cruise ship so it'll take some adjusting to get back to reality lol. 

Today I'll show you a little bit of Italy and tomorrow Greece and by next week I'll put back on the apron (Got a pretty one in Venice). The weather was warm while we were there.  A great time to visit in September!  The temps were in the 80's and the sun was shining from morning until evening. Oh those sunsets!!!!!! It was my dream come true. Enjoy!!!

Beautiful Venice

While on a tour we enjoyed wine, cheese and prosciutto on the freshest Italian bread..

Sweets and more sweets

Venice is sinking!  Check out the tower..They haven't figured out yet how to support it.

A local restaurant in Mestre!

Sun setting over Venice!!!!!!!

So Italian! Salami , Prosciutto  and yes crab legs!  We ate these while sitting at a beautiful restaurant in view of the water..

Yes we took a Gondola ride!9/28/11

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