Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Some call it mush we call it polenta.  Cornmeal fried and topped with gravy or butter and maple syrup has been known to be called Mush.  We, Italians, refer to it as Polenta.  I had never heard of making polenta any other way but with spaghetti (pasta) sauce on top.

 My family cooked cornmeal for hours stirring it constantly with a huge wooden pole or large wooden spoon. Actually my hubby's Mom and Nono stood by the stove and took turns stirring it until it was the perfect consistency.

Today  I took a very easy way out and bought a tube of cornmeal.  I came across it at the local grocery store and figured it was worth a try.  I had fresh sauce and meatballs so I layered the sliced polenta, arranged it in a baking pan. (I cut about 12 slices and placed it in a baking dish, topped it with sauce,meatballs, grated cheese and mozzarella .  We had a green salad along with it and quite honestly it wasn't half bad.   Enjoy!! 

Quick but lots of carbs so if you are watching calories or carbs you may want to pass on this.  If you're not!  Try it!  I think you may like it.  Choose pasta sauce, fried with butter and topped with syrup or some brown gravy.  It's in the refrigerated section of your grocery store.

Happy Cooking!

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