Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dinner at Nonna's/ Our Second

It looks as though going to Maria's /Nonna's is going to be a yearly gathering with our  friends. Last year I shared our afternoon at Maria's and photos of the wonderful menu we were served. If you have forgotten please check out the link below.   A true feast.

Our second visit to Nonna's our menu was slightly different and not as traditional as our last year meal.  We had selected some new dishes that we hadn't tried before. Equally delicious but different.

Please enjoy my mouth watering photos!  My camera was a little off so I'm hoping the presentation is good.


Maria cooks comfortably with her guests seated at the dining room table.  On the menu today was white bean pasta fagioli, butternut squash ravioli in a light sage cream sauce with chopped walnuts, beef brisket slowed cooked for approximately 5 hours that was seasoned with oranges and mushrooms, cauliflower pie with Gruyere and provolone, tossed salad garnished with mint, 5 apple galette topped with vanilla bean ice cream. Expresso and homemade Lemoncello!

Homemade Lemoncello after dinner!

Mozzarella and marinated veggies

Stuffed mini tomatoes

Artichokes marinated

Maria aka Nonna has a quaint gift shop that we have been to before.  Lots and lots of Italian goods and gifts. Her shop is located in Bloomfield, Pa.  A short distance from the city of Pittsburgh.

The Famous Maria

Her Kitchen

The group!
Butternut squash ravioli
White bean pasta fagioli

Beef Brisket and a little vino too!

Italian salad Garnished with fresh mint

Cauliflower pie with Gruyere


      Fresh fennel to cleanse the pallet(slight anise flavor)  check link:
5 Apple Galette

Maria and Linda
Linda, Al and Maria!

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